Imju is one of beauty product line that produced by PIAS Corporation based in Japan.
Imju offer some high quality cosmetics brand and skin care product.
In Indonesia, Imju Japan was starting business in Indonesia under PT Pias Intercosmex Indonesia since 2014.

Now Imju Indonesia has 3 cosmetics brand included 1 skincare brand. The brand names are :
Dejavu is Eyemakeup series consists of mascara and eyeliner,
Eyeputti is high quality glue for your fake eyelashes,
Hatomugi Skin Conditioner is skin care product for your face and body.
Those brands are top brand in japan and best seller.

Imju was inspired by Asia Woman needs for high quality cosmetics and skin care.

Therefore Imju Indonesia strives to bring beauty products with high quality materials and processed with high technology.